About the Author

I was born in south-western Michigan, a long time ago. I began writing when I discovered an old portable typewriter in our back closet. It was a large, dark place, full of stuff. The typewriter ribbon still had ink in it. I wrote some teeny-tiny stories, maybe less than two hundred words, which I still have somewhere. It took longer to find the keys for a letter than it would have taken to write the story longhand.

I was a junior and senior in high school in Tucson, Arizona, and graduated from Pomona College, in Claremont, California. I moved back home for a year. There were pretty girls, but there were no bookstores. So I returned to Claremont and met Diane. She reads lots of books. We married in 1972, and moved to North Carolina, where I began my career as a full time writer while she pursued a PhD in mathematical statistics.

In 1986, I became a full time father, writing when I could for a while, but eventually giving up writing altogether for about three years. It was easier when Darcy started the cooperative play-group, and easier yet when she went to school, but she still took a lot of my time. In 2003, I became a full time writer again when Darcy went off to college, also at Pomona.

I have traditionally published nine novels  (six of which have been re-issued by ReAnimus Press); several short stories (mostly for the Elf Quest anthologies); five non-fiction books on computers (I'm completely self-taught, and it probably shows); and a number of articles, columns, reviews, and so forth, also concerning computers (written in language even I can understand).

Under my own imprint, Ogden House, I have published Stroad’s Cross; Sturgis; Dead Hand; Slaves of War; Freefoot (my collected stories for Blood of Ten Chiefs); A Closet for a Dragon and Other Early Tales; and Cat Tales, Reminiscences.

My epic heroic fantasy, The Black Ring (2,800 pages, 837,000 words) has been published by Double Dragon Press.

I will soon publish A Thing Forgotten: A Darkness Filled with Light, my alternate world faerie story. I am also working on a pseudo-Lovecraftian novel, tentatively The Empty House; Star Kings, a collection of original stories about the very far future; Soul Stone, a very different kind of fantasy.

I have been running my version of a writers’ workshop at various conventions for more than thirty years, and have had some success, since several people have not only finished their stories but sold them, and a couple have even won awards. I also run a plotting workshop, which is an interactive lecture, which  is a lot of fun, and which people have found helpful.

I am a member of SFWA.

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