Allen Wold’s Books

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Other Weird Stuff

I have been writing for almost all of my life. I’m one of those who can’t not write. Most of my work is has not been published, but then that’s true of all writers. Some of that is notes, sketches, ideas, or starts that go nowhere. I keep adding to that. Some of it is just not finished. I have partial manuscripts that got stuck. I have full manuscripts that need further drafts. I have “finished” manuscripts that just don’t work somehow. And I have work in progress.

But I have published a few books, some traditionally, some under my own imprint. Most of my books are still in print, and can be bought from Amazon or ReAnimus Press. My three “V” books are available only second hand. The copyright is owned by Warner Brothers, and TV & Movie people never release anything.

Here you can find my available books, their covers and blurbs, brief essays on how they came to be written, and samples of twenty to thirty pages that you can read for free. I will be adding  more as they are written and published. I hope you enjoy them.