Here are all the books I have uploaded so far. Click on the About to read about how the book came to be written. Click on the Sample to read the first 20-30 pages.

Planet Masters

Larson McCade, a rogue adventurer, has come to the planet Seltique, culturally isolated from the rest of galactic civilization. He claims to be researching a pro-galaxy group, known as the Core, which was exterminated in an historic revolution. He makes several powerful friends along the way, including Valyn Dixon, to whom he is more attracted than he ought to be. But there is something else he wants, and he is willing to risk his life to get it. But on a planet like Seltique, he might get more than he is bargaining for.

Star God

There is a strange force among the Three Peoples of the Seven Worlds. Many believe that they are going crazy. Or that they have been visited by God. Or that it contact with a superior alien intelligence. And none who believe one way can accept the beliefs of the others, resulting in social disintegration and economic breakdown. The UCCSW has hired Satinas Paan, the best of the Free Lance Agents, to go visit another, reclusive people and ask for help. There is, however, a price.

Pursuit of Diana

The alien stranglehold on Earth has been broken, and victory is sweet until alien leader Diana uses her powers to escape. The alarm is raised, and the familiar beat of fear rises in the heart of the resistance. Diana must be stopped. Resistance member Donovan sets off in the alien Mother Ship in pursuit of the fleeing Diana, praying that he will be able to capture or destroy her before she can trigger another invasion of earth. During Donovan's absence, the victory continues to unravel. The battle once one, must start again.

The Crivit Experiment

A new alien plot has been hatched — as vicious and inhuman as the Visitors themselves. In the Piedmont Muntain Region of North Carolin their top biologists, led by the coldly brutal Visitor Leon, are breeding crivits — a new life form of great power, appetite, and ferocity, which burrows in the sand and waits to pounce, destroy, and devour. The Visitor plan is to turn them loose in great numbers up and down the eastern beach costs, where they can disrupt communications and kill thousands of people

Scientist Mark Casey, with the aid of some resistance-inspired students, has uncovered the scheme but cannot locate the secret breeding frounds. For that he needs the help of the locals — who distrust him and his fellow outsiders almost as much as the deadly visitors!

Below the Threshold

Psychologist Jack Page treats many who are struggling to deal with the reality of an alien invasion of Earth. But suddenly the Viet Nam veteran’s patients are losing their fear of the reptilian Visitors. Suddenly they are accepting, even welcoming. Suddenly resistance is fading. If Jack Page can’t find the cause and stop it, the last hope of Earth is doomed. But the insidious subversion is reaching out for everyone …