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Planet Masters

Larson McCade, a rogue adventurer, has come to the planet Seltique, culturally isolated from the rest of galactic civilization. He claims to be researching a pro-galaxy group, known as the Core, which was exterminated in an historic revolution. He makes several powerful friends along the way, including Valyn Dixon, to whom he is more attracted than he ought to be. But there is something else he wants, and he is willing to risk his life to get it. But on a planet like Seltique, he might get more than he is bargaining for.

Star God

There is a strange force among the Three Peoples of the Seven Worlds. Many believe that they are going crazy. Or that they have been visited by God. Or that it is a contact with a superior alien intelligence. And none who believe one way can accept the beliefs of the others, resulting in social disintegration and economic breakdown. The UCCSW has hired Satinas Paan, the best of the Free Lance Agents, to go visit another, reclusive people and ask for help. There is, however, a price.

Pursuit of Diana

The alien stranglehold on Earth has been broken, and victory is sweet until alien leader Diana uses her powers to escape. The alarm is raised, and the familiar beat of fear rises in the heart of the resistance. Diana must be stopped. Resistance member Donovan sets off in the alien Mother Ship in pursuit of the fleeing Diana, praying that he will be able to capture or destroy her before she can trigger another invasion of earth. During Donovan’s absence, the victory continues to unravel. The battle once won, must start again.

The Crivit Experiment

A new alien plot has been hatched — as vicious and inhuman as the Visitors themselves. In the Piedmont Muntain Region of North Carolin their top biologists, led by the coldly brutal Visitor Leon, are breeding crivits — a new life form of great power, appetite, and ferocity, which burrows in the sand and waits to pounce, destroy, and devour. The Visitor plan is to turn them loose in great numbers up and down the eastern beach coasts, where they can disrupt communications and kill thousands of people

Scientist Mark Casey, with the aid of some resistance-inspired students, has uncovered the scheme but cannot locate the secret breeding grounds. For that he needs the help of the locals — who distrust him and his fellow outsiders almost as much as the deadly visitors!

Below the Threshold

Psychologist Jack Page treats many who are struggling to deal with the reality of an alien invasion of Earth. But suddenly the Viet Nam veteran’s patients are losing their fear of the reptilian Visitors. Suddenly they are accepting, even welcoming. Suddenly resistance is fading. If Jack Page can’t find the cause and stop it, the last hope of Earth is doomed. But the insidious subversion is reaching out for everyone …

Jewels of the Dragon

Kohltri … a deadly outlaw planet where every man, woman and child carries a gun at the hip … a refuge for outcasts, cutthroats and thieves, the hostile planet holds infinite mysteries — and endless dangers…

Young Rikard Braeth has traced his missing father to the strange planet Kohltri. And now — from the dark alleys of a vicious city of criminals, to the ancient ruins of a vanished culture — Rikard must follow in his father’s footsteps on a deadly quest for a vast fortune. He must face the unspeakable remains of a lost people. He must solve the riddle of the glittering, power-charged dragons that stalk the planet, destroying anyone in their path. He must face the terrifying truth of his father’s disappearance and the mysterious treasure guarded by misshapen life forms.

And if he is to survive, Rikard Braeth must learn to kill — with razor-sharp speed and accuracy…

Crown of the Serpent

Tathas … a race of pseudo-humanoids. Native to the deadly planet of Kohltri, their strange powers haave been put to hideous use throughout the intergalactic Federation

Rikard Braeth was unaware of the Tathas. He landed on abandoned Nowarth to seek treasure, but was arrested for trespassing. Now, he has been offered freedom if he will help find the unknown alien force that has mysteriously attacked and depopulated world upon world. Storming derelict, dangerous planets, the young adventurer will be placed in the path of the vile Tathas. He will have to fight indestructible monsters. He will have to discover the terrifying secret of the alien raiders. He will have to confront the grotesque spoils of their horrid conquests. And in so doing, he will unearth the greatest of all known treasures: the long-lost crown of the serpent.

But Rikard must battle psychic pirates as well as planetside warriors. And if he is to win, his mental powers must be as potent as his gun.

Lair of the Cyclops

Vast, hidden ruins; an ancient alien museum; a photo older than history — clues that send adventurer Rikard Braeth on the quest of his life. Trailed by a murderous grave-robber, Rikard, snakeman Droagn, and the uncanny Grayshard battle civil war, academic cyberspace, savage worlds of psychic menace, and perilous private planets of the rich, seeking proof that a cyclopean race once changed the galaxy — only to die without a trace. Who were the cyclops? And what hellish power annihilated them?

To solve the 2,000,000-year-old mystery, Rikard must find and save the Lair of the Cyclops from a woman who would kill him and destroy the galaxy’s greatest treasure — just to feed her insane, insatiable greed…

The Eye in the Stone

Twentieth-century sorcerer Morgan Scott was pledged to fight the Servants of evil wherever he encountered them. He never expected to find them in the small town of Harborbeach, Michigan. But when he arrived there on a long-overdue visit to his brother Michael, Morgan found his brother had vanished, claimed by the Servants for some horrifying doom. Seeking to find and rescue Michael before it’s too late, Morgan and his familiar, the dragon cat Phoebus, begin their quest for a legendary relic of dark magic!

Cat Tales

I have lived with cats for over forty years.

I learned a lot during that time, about cats and about myself. Because living with cats isn’t the same as just having them around the house. It means you pay attention to them, and give it to them when they need it, or when just want it. You interact with them when they offer it, or when they let you. It means recognizing that no two cats are the same, that each is an individual and has its own idiosyncrasies. It means treating them with the respect they deserve.

My life would have been very different without cats. These reminiscences will show you what I mean. Everything really happened, but it has been retold for the sake of story.

Closet for a Dragon

I wrote these stories over a period of fifty years. Many are somewhat experimental, and most have not been previously published. They are science fiction, or fantasy, or horror, or mixed, or something in between. They range from the Arizona desert to an intergalactic civilization, from the rebirth of daydreams to sadistic revenge. All have been revisited to ensure that they meet my current standards of storytelling. I hope you enjoy them.

Stroad’s Cross

Stroad’s Cross was oddly well preserved for a village that had been abandoned fifty years ago. The buildings showed no signs of mold or termites or vandalism, or even that the former residents had ever moved out.

In a way, some of them never had.

Nobody wants to die….


This is the Holt. It was our home while Freefoot was our chief. It was a quiet time, but even in quiet times things happen, about which stories are told, season after season. These stories eventually became part of the greater story of The Blood of Ten Chiefs. They tell of simple things, of life, and death, and growth, and regret, and ending. They tell about who we are, the elves in the World of Two Moons.


The breath is the life.

Blood remains after death, rots away with the body. But breath — breath is both a sign and a source of vitality. To draw off some of that vitality, to consume someone’s life, can be as simple as inhaling their breath.

That was how Mathew Dacorian’s upstairs neighbor had been killed, the latest in a series of victims who had apparently died from nothing more than a forced, full exhalation. Mathew wasn’t a detective, and he didn’t believe in the supernatural, but it seemed to be up to him to solve the mystery and stop the killer.

Even if he had to die to do it.

Dead Hand

Little blue lights began floating around old Philip Proctor’s house four days after he was killed by a hit-and-run driver. The fifth day, there were intangible crystal baubles as well, hanging from the branches of the trees and shrubbery. Every day some weird new thing was added. Every day it extended further into the nearby yards. Every day it became more frightening.

Not everybody who lived nearby, or who passed through the neighborhood, was aware of the strangeness, and those who were didn’t talk much about it, afraid of what people might think. Some of Mr. Proctor’s neighbors were touched, by something trying to pull them from their bodies. Some of them died.

Mr Proctor’s unexpected death had left something under the house, something almost intelligent. It was just trying to do what it was supposed to do. But without Proctor, there was only a dead hand at the wheel, and that which dwelt below was getting stronger, spreading further, and going insane.

There was nothing the police could do. Investigate a floating blue spark? Arrest a smell of new-mown hay? Whatever was causing the weirdness would have to be stopped by those few neighbors who had the courage to enter the house.

Slaves of War

When Anthony Gray, investigative reporter, sets out to discover why so many homeless people have been going missing, he doesn’t expect to be captured by aliens. Only his synesthesia prevents the aliens’ mind-wipe from turning him into a living brain-slave. His new masters, unaware of his preserved capability for independent thought, install him into ever-more powerful warships, engaged in a war between four very different races. The war has been going on for generations — nobody remembers how long  or who started it, or why.

Tony develops ever-increasing mastery of all sizes of battle-craft, from one-man scouts to super-dreadnoughts the size of a small city, and acquires brain implants which give him power his masters did not anticipate.

Conducting the war has impoverished the home worlds and colonies of all the races, and they are desperate to bring it to a conclusion. Will one race win and subjugate the others? Will earth, the source of the brain-slaves without which the war cannot be waged, be scorched from existence? Or will Tony Gray find another way out?

Zhanai’degau: The Black Ring, volume 1

Our world is just one thread among uncounted others in the weave of the greater reality. Each of these threads is another world, some rather similar to ours, some bizarrely different. Each world has a rich culture, which the agent of a dark outside force is seeking to destroy.

Jeanette Delgado, small and young, struggles to make a success of the bookstore she runs with her husband, until Steve is killed in a freak accident. Though she has never been independent a day in her life, she is chosen, while still grieving for him, by powers she doesn’t understand, to go to one threatened world, then another, and another, each time to assume the role of the hero. 

Like her predecessors, her task is to try to prevent the agent of destruction from achieving its goal. In each world she is tested, and must discover the curage, the strength, and the leadership she never knew she had. In the end, she learns to accept her role, and decides to anticipate her enemy, by going, under her own power, to the nearest threatened world.

It all begins at the bonfire in her back yard, when she is dropped suddenly into the cavern of blue flames.

Troll Sword: The Black Ring, volume 2

The five peoples of the world of winds, which always blow from where the sun sets to where the sun rises, are physically, psychologically, and culturally different from each other, more than even different species. 

The cultures of all the people are sustained by the Spiral, a matrix of connection, relation, concept, and meaning, within an extramundane layer of reality. The Main Quey maintains order and balance within the Spiral, and between it and the people. When he is kidnapped by Empa Tethicho, the Chancellor of Shotoban, the cultures of all five peoples are threatened with dissolution and descent into savagery and chaos. 

The Chancellor enforces a brutal rule of conformity, but there is an underground. Every attempt to rescue the Main Quey ends in failure. Property is confiscated, families are exiled, and those who made the attempt are executed. 

In desperation, a group of people, more than usually sensitive to the extramundane, is trying to call a demon from another layer of reality, an intelligence which can pass through walls and locked doors, hoping that it will find the Main Quey and bring him back. What they get is Jeanette Delgado.

You can read a sample here.